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To enable companies to participate, trade and grow their business

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To provide an online platform & personalized service to:
  • access global business opportunities
  • secure finance, legal and supply chain support
  • introductions to on-the-ground business support networks
  • insight and advisory services


"We urgently need more practical tools to help SMEs trade internatinally, particulary with the world switching to digital. Supplyfinder comes at a perfect time where there is a huge gap in the market for a truly global resource that all companies can benefit from."
Chris Southworth, Secretary General, International Chamber of commerce (UK)

"SupplyFinder is a vital resource that fills a significant gap in the complex global economy."
Stephen Byers, Former Secretary of State Trade and Industry

"Very impressive! Great concept. This is what is needed right now for companies interested in exporting and global networking"
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP Chair British Turkish Parliamentary group

"SupplyFinder provides the unique service of matching buyers to sellers on a single platform throughout the trade lifecycle. We are proud of our ongoing collaboration with this exciting product and project."
Graham Bright, Euro Exim Bank

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