History, Present and Future

SupplyFinder is an independent platform established as a service for companies who wish to trade and provide services cross-border. The foundations of development and progress revolve round international trade and are a cornerstone to building back better.

The origins of SupplyFinder were on the Steppe of Central Asia where the founder brought together foreign based energy operators and their shareholders to adopt a common set of initiatives. The first result of this, the Aktau Declaration on Joint Actions, provides opportunity, further local content objectives, harmonise specifications to present optimum investment potential and to create a single pre-qualification database. The story continues with the birth of SupplyFinder.

SupplyFinder has been developed as a digital platform to facilitate open and equitable trade. We provide a tool to present opportunity for goods and service providers around the world, bringing together like-minded interests to source cooperation, and to optimise current business development by accessing new markets or deepening existing ones globally.

In our interconnected world, new technologies bring us closer together. However, the fundamental elements of trade with integrity cannot be replaced by an impersonal digital solution. SupplyFinder provides a platform that brings together that digital solution with personal oversight.

SupplyFinder’s global affiliate network are in constant contact with the members of both the trade and services ecosystems. We continually research and work to ensure that the quality of information provided is of the highest standard, providing a sound, quality product with a unique value proposition to users.

SupplyFinder aims to develop into an exclusive network of reliable service providers as being essential to the world’s trading ecosystem globally, whilst retaining a core vision of being free for users to access the platform.

  • EU Office: SupplyFinder Lda (#513584994) Apartado 5037, 8005-440 Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Portugal
  • UK Office: SupplyFinder Ltd (#11937179) 300 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1AA, England