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Business Opportunities

Daily update of tender opportunities, budget and contact information, connecting businesses, enabling buyers, suppliers and local partners

Featured Partner Network

Selected partner exchange monitoring national priorities

Trade Ecosystem

Access expert knowledge to assist your trade deal
Trade FinanceLegal Supply ChainInsurance

International Trade Deal room

Secure environment with controlled access, connect to global experts and share documents for export or import

Transaction Data Room

Secure file sharing for secure collaboration, document bundling and review functions


Knowledge - Experience - Analysis

Resource Directory

Over 150,000 global entries connecting you to Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, sector specific companies, government ministries and consultants


Articles, Videos, Webinars and Speeches, giving expert insights on global trade

Global Cooperation

Harnessing the exciting opportunities that international markets represent, SupplyFinder highlights the ways in which cross border trade ambitions can be realized. As you progress through the various stages of international trade, we create links to vital support systems and provide a range of pathways to connect companies to potential clients.

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Global Trade network

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224 countries

  • Sector Tenders
  • 114,859 Active
  • 247,847 6 months from closure date
  • Trade Ecosystem
  • 5,446 Supplychain Management
  • 248 Trade Finance
  • 8,650 Insurance
  • 7,187 Legal
  • Insight
  • 310 Articles & Publications
  • 103 Videos & Webinars
  • 26 Speeches

Listed Businesses by sector

  • 4,991 Agribusiness
  • 23,309 Energy
  • 5,566 Mining
  • 40,294 Manufacturing
  • 10,071 Environment
  • 9,408 Engineering & Construction

Resource Directory

  • 384 Conferences & Exhibitions
  • 326 National Promotion Agencies
  • 3,534 Chambers of Commerce
  • 2,819 Trade Associations
  • 1,539 Consultants
  • 93,640 Company Showcase
  • 2,908 Government Ministries
  • 27 Sanction Guidelines


To grow the output of the world’s largest international trade information sharing hub, SupplyFinder is expanding national programmes and operations into all regions globally.
We would welcome discussions to co-operate with:

  • National Export promotion agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade Associations
  • Country representative


"Many thanks for accepting my invitation to connect. I have been looking at SupplyFinder which is a superb resource."
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"Supply Finder clearly has the nexus of an incredibly powerful and useful tool for a global audience. Looking at what has been achieved it is clear this portal will be very popular, and the post-Covid world will certainly pick up on it’s more digital focus."
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