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Export Strategy & Marketing

SupplyFinder, with its premium team of premium, assist companies entering new or wishing to deepen existing export markets. We provide expert analysis having assessed your corporate objectives to achieve commercial success.

SupplyFinder has stakeholder engagement and business development specialists with direct experience in both the Government and Private sectors globally in introducing strategic in-country cooperation relationships and managing bids and procurement engagement.

Services include:

Tender Capture Phase - Pre-award Project Support, Planning and Acquisition Engagement - Support client, partner and stakeholder engagement throughout the lifecycle. Pre-award Project Support, Planning and Acquisition Partners/Consortia - Support current/potential partner engagement and assessment to participate in or build consortia. Offering - Help define and develop scope, priorities, capability, capacity and offering to potential partners. Commercial - Provide commercial advice, reviews and negotiations for any agreement to ensure strategic and commercial objectives and interests are agreed, sustainable, deliverable, risk-managed and compliant. Bid - Manage tender reviews, bid development and submission support including capture strategy, bid strategy, content, compliance, legal and commercials.

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