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Tax & Inward Investment

Independent, nonprofit research and education promoting tax & Investment reform and public-private initiatives to improve investment climate in transition and developing economies. Facilitating trust and mutual understanding on tax policy and administration between digital/technology companies, international organizations and national governments

Clearinghouse for information on best practices in taxation and investment policy

Work with ministries of finance, customs services and tax authorities in 85 countries

International and regional financial institutions engaged in tax policy and tax administration issues

Credible broker of public-private tax dialogue facilitating mutual understanding and trust between business and government

Stakeholders convene to discuss academic analyses, policy studies and international best practices

International double tax treaties, free trade agreements, investment protection agreements, and multilateral trade arrangements

Providing input on how digitalization and related taxation affects economy, growth, entrepreneurship, and investment climate

SupplyFinder’s joint venture with the International trade and Investment council work with governments to ensure compliance with global trade rules and foster regional economic cooperation agreements. We promote free trade and open investment arrangements, supported by tax treaties consistent with these goals.