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Mexico's Top 10 Exports

2020-03-12 - Daniel Workman
In 2018, Mexico’s most valuable exported products were cars, automobile parts or accessories, computers including optical readers, crude oil, trucks, phone system devices including smartphones, TV receivers, monitors and projectors, insulated wire or cable, tractors then electro-medical equipment (e.g. xrays). For more details on the 200 highest value exports, see the searchable data table near the bottom of this article.

Formally the United Mexican States, Mexico shipped US$450.5 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2018. That dollar amount reflects a 13.6% increase since 2014 and a 10.1% uptick from 2017 to 2018.

In addition, Mexico furnished an estimated $28.6 billion worth of international services during 2018 encompassing about $22.5 billion from travel-related services.

Given Mexico’s population of 126 million people, its total $450.5 billion in 2018 exports translates to roughly $3,600 per resident in the southernmost North American country.

Mexico’s Top 10 Exports

The following export product groups categorize the highest dollar value in Mexican global shipments during 2018. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Mexico.

Vehicles: US$115.5 billion (25.6% of total exports)

Electrical machinery, equipment: $81.9 billion (18.2%)

Machinery including computers: $75.4 billion (16.7%)

Mineral fuels including oil: $29.7 billion (6.6%)

Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $19 billion (4.2%)

Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefab buildings: $10.6 billion (2.4%)

Plastics, plastic articles: $9.5 billion (2.1%)

Vegetables: $7.2 billion (1.6%)

Articles of iron or steel: $6.7 billion (1.5%)

Gems, precious metals: $6.7 billion (1.5%)

Mexico’s top 10 exports accounted for four-fifths (80.4%) of the overall value of its global shipments.

Mineral fuels including oil was the fastest-growing among the top 10 export categories, up 31.4% in value from 2017 to 2018. The category was boosted mainly by improved sales of Mexican crude oil.

In second place for improving export sales were items made from iron or steel which rose 14.8%.

Exported machinery including computers posted Mexico’s third-fastest gain in value up 14.4% year over year, closely trailed by vehicles shipped from Mexico with its 13.5% increase.

The two declining top categories were gems and precious metals (down -2.7%) and furniture, bedding, lighting, signs and prefabricated buildings (down -0.7%).