SupplyFinder with Llewellyn Consulting is also an independent advisory & implementation organisation.

We specialise in top-down analysis, thought leadership and implementation of strategic goals. We focus on longer-term drivers, policy, political issues and provide early insight into key developments, turning points, risk, and market implications.

We serve through a range of services, operating with a core team and a network of providers, associates, recognised experts, and business partners, who work project-by-project.

Distinguishing features. Unparalleled experience, strong connections with senior policymakers and industry decision makers globally; total involvement throughout all projects including working constructively with in-house teams; communication in plain, clear English; total trust, discretion, and confidentiality.

SupplyFinder offers support to private sector organisations and government agencies with essential services and solutions to assist cross-border trade when new markets or deepening existing are being considered.

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Corporate Export Strategy Country Report Research & Analysis  +info Company/Project Financing Public sector tenders worldwide Winning Tenders Supply chain funding
Government Country Branding Legal & Regulatory Inward investment & Taxation strategy Local Content Strategy Gap Analysis Trade Mission Lead Conference, seminar organising

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