SupplyFinder Vision

SupplyFinder exists to benefit businesses across the world, by highlighting relevant business opportunities along with key supporting information to enable and deliver international trade and investment.

The SupplyFinder multi-language platform facilitates cross-border joint ventures, the sourcing of investment for manufacturing and service industries, and opportunities to develop local content and capacity.

Business needs of those drivers of the world economy - small and medium size companies (SMEs), and the creation of new jobs are at SupplyFinder’s core. SupplyFinder helps you build your connections with industry professionals and organisations, exchange knowledge, share ideas and target investment funding, skills or technology worldwide.

We at SupplyFinder would prefer to offer you a completely free service. Many of the key services do remain free. However, to cover developmental and operational costs, it is necessary to levy an administrative charge for certain premier services. This will facilitate the long-term sustainability and continued effectiveness of SupplyFinder.

We are entirely focused on ensuring that you are well served.

Lord Waverley (JD)

Founder and Chairman
[email protected]

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