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"Doing Business" in Cuba: A Primer for U.S.Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors and Non-Profit Organizations

Primer for socially based commercial and NGO activity in Cuba.


The Gaming industry development in Lithuania.

10 Good reasons to invest in Belgium

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Belgium enjoys a key position in the European and international economy. As one of the six foundingstates of the European Union and home to many international organisations, Belgium has always been a prosperous marketplace, in business with countries from all over the world.

18th Annual Global CEO Survey: A marketplace without boundaries? Responding to disruption

It’s clear that in 2015, disruptive change will affect all global markets. But while CEOs are less confident overall about the prospects for the global economy, many believe that there are significant opportunities for their own business to grow in the year ahead.

1Q 2016 Trendsetter barometer

1Q 2016 Trendsetter barometer

2013 Investment Climate Statement - Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso's Investment Climate Statement.

2013 Minerals Yearbook: Angola

The mineral sector, in particular the petroleum industry, played an important role in Angola’s economy. Angola accounted for about 2.1% of world petroleum output in 2013 and was the second-ranked petroleum producer in Africa after Nigeria.

2013 Trends in Asia Pacific Employee Engagement

In Asia Pacific, engaging the right employees in the right behaviors remains a critical ingredient of how companies can improve their competitiveness and business performance. Today, it is imperative that employers understand how current trends in demographics and culture are reshaping what employees demand in exchange for their discretionary efforts. With these trends in mind, companies need to take action to optimize the motivation and productivity of their employees. Striving to maintain a high level of employee engagement not only contributes toward short-term survival during economic volatility, it is also a key factor for longer-term business performance and better positioning when market conditions become favorable. The companies that get employee engagement right can enjoy a competitive advantage that is hard for others to replicate. In addition, with nearly two out of three CEOs in Asia citing “people issues” as their top business challenge, there is a clear consensus that talent is one of the key frontiers of competitive advantage.  

2014 Afghanistan Enterprise Survey: Country Highlights

The World Bank interviewed a representative sample of the private sector in 5 of the most active economic regions in Afghanistan. The sample consisted of 410 business establishments surveyed from May 2013 through July 2014. The Enterprise Survey covers several topics of the business environment as well as performance measures for each firm. This provides the main highlights from the survey

2014 Cultural Insight of Luxury in China

The report covers the following: China’s luxury market in 2014, the 5 driving forces that are shaping the meaning of luxury in the Chinese context, and how brands can tap into culture to win with the Chinese consumers.

2014 Global Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey

Employers around the world continue to prioritize Talent – finding it, motivating it, and retaining it

2015 - Index of Economic Freedom - Central African Republic

The Central African Republic’s economic freedom score is 45.9, making its economy the 166th freest in the 2015 Index. Its overall score is 0.8 point lower than last year, with modest gains in the rule of law undermined by declines in six other areas. The CAR is ranked 41st out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa reg

2015 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends

Innovate to Drive Value from Benefits

2015 Barometer for French big companies

French big companies CEOs have answered key questions and given their previsions for 2015. This paper focuses on four areas: economic activity, profit, investistments, workforce, in France and abroad.

2015 China Civil UAV Market Research Report

Report includes the following contents: China civil UAV enterprises distribution; China civil UAV enterprise investment analysis; China civil UAV companies; China civil UAV market trends and opportunities; China Civil UAV market challenges and risks.

2015 China's Circular Economy Promotion Plan

Very detailed description and interpretation of China's circular economy promotion plan in 2015.

2015 Global Human Capital Trends: Leading a New Era of Work Habits

Deloitte Consulting conducted a survey on human resources to more than 3,300 business leaders and human resources executives 106 countries in the world. Through repeated communication and professional analysis of the data, Deloitte calculated the "capability gap" in the respondent challenge and made cross-analysis of the summed up theme. Based on this, Deloitte makes the recommendations of the corresponding feasibility, to help more company better address these challenges.

2015 Global New Energy Top 500 Enterprises

A list of 2015 global new energy top 500 enterprises 

2015 Global Tax Rate Survey

KPMG has been collecting and publishing international data on tax rates since 2003. Initially focusing on corporate tax rates, KPMG’s tax surveys quickly spread to cover indirect taxes, personal taxes and social security rates. This is the first year that we have brought information on all these rates together into a single document, to provide a comprehensive picture of the taxes that companies and people pay all over the world. The information is collected from KPMG firms between January and April each year. For 2015, 145 countries were included

2015 Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa

This report is aimed at the South African market and highlights five human capital trends which respondents rated as most important, namely:1. Engagement and culture2. Leadership 3. Learning and development4. Workforce on demand 5. Performance management
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