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Local Content Development

SupplyFinder understands the necessity of a national vision by government for a strong and vibrant economic future. Inclusion of national companies' and acceleration towards sustainable long-term cooperation-building with external partners is a key component.

We create the primary drivers for enhancing local content initiatives and implement domestic and external strategies based on an understanding of the objectives and challenges.

SupplyFinder will conduct a full cycle of activities consisting of:

1) Market survey
2) Gap analysis
3) Improvement of programme
4) Identify legislative changes required

We will develop a national approach for a local content strategy, with the support of existing and future operators and investors, that will enhance outcomes. Reducing duplication, accelerating results, and ultimately moving towards the sustainable growth of the local supply chain, through standardization of pre-qualification processes, tendering and harmonization of specifications can be mid and long-term goals.

Our Work

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