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A Low-Carbon Energy Transition in Central America: A Case Study in Nicaragua

Here, we use Nicaragua as a case study to highlight the importance of high-resolution open access data and modeling platforms to evaluate fuel-switching strategies and their resulting cost of power under realistic technology, policy, and cost scenarios (2014–2030). Our results suggest that Nicaragua could cost-effectively achieve a low-carbon grid (?80%, based on non-large hydro renewable energy generation) by 2030 while also pursuing multiple development objectives. Regional cooperation (balancing) enables the highest wind and solar generation (18% and 3% by 2030, respectively), at the least cost (US$127 MWh?1). Potentially risky resources (geothermal and hydropower) raise system costs but do not significantly hinder decarbonization. Oil price sensitivity scenarios suggest renewable energy to be a more cost-effective long-term investment than fuel oil, even under the assumption of prevailing cheap oil prices. Nicaragua's options illustrate the opportunities and challenges of power system decarbonization for emerging economies, and the key role that open access data and modeling platforms can play in helping develop low-carbon transition pathways.

Agriculture Afghanistan

Why invest in 2015

Agriculture Bahamas

Why invest in Bahamas in 2015

Agriculture Ghana

Agriculture: Why invest in 2015

Agriculture Guinea

Agriculture: Why invest in 2015

AgroBuzz: Investment in Jamaica's Agroparks and Agribusiness

Opportunities for investment in Jamaica's agroparks and agribusiness

Algeria's Big Investment Push

Despite falling oil prices, the Algerian economy has grown and several mega projects are in line to materialize.

America Revealed: Where Does Our Coal Come From?

Did you know coal supplies nearly half of America's electricity? Visit Black Thunder Mine with Yul Kwon and discover how we mine this pivotal material.

Angola Seeks to Diversify its Oil Dependent Economy

Angola was once a land ravished by civil war and political turmoil. In November the country celebrated 40 years of Independence. On this edition of Angola: Changing the Narrative CNBC Africa look at how far the country has come since its independence and what the country is doing to diversify its largely oil dependent economy.

Angola's Railway

China has finished the rebuilding of the Benguela railway after seven years. The railway is the longest one China has ever constructed in Africa, with 67 stations. Kelly Chung Dawson has more on the completion of the project and what it might mean for the country

Argentina's State-Run Oil Producer Posts Growth

The headquarters of YPF stands tall over the Buenos Aires skyline and the company also stands tall in the energy sector. Argentina's national oil and gas producer recently posted its 2014 results showing growth in production, reserves, investment and income.

Bankers Petroleum Boss Eyes Production Ramp Up in Albania

David French, chief executive of Toronto and AIM listed Bankers Petroleum (LON:BNK) (TSX:BNK) says the firm is aiming to ramp up oil production from its Albania field 30,000 bopd by 2020. To date at Patos-Marinza, the largest onshore oilfield in Europe, the firm has invested over US$1.7bln

Being A Farmer in Cameroon

Edited, visual effects and music by Alex Januschke http://www.alexjanuschke.deA documentary about sustainable agriculture in Cameroon by students of the Masterprogram Global Change Geography 2011 at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.

Belgian Chocolate Group Eyes PNG

A famous Belgium chocolate company is showing interest in investing in PNG’s cocoa industry. The Belgian Chocolate Group, well known in over 80 countries for its chocolate products, is now on a fact-finding mission in PNG to look at possible investment opportunities.

Billionaires Are Investing in Kenya's Renewable Energy

Strive Masiyiwa, Executive Founder and Chairman of Econet Group, talks about investment opportunities in Kenya where he and Sir Richard Branson, Larry Page and other billionaires intend to pump cash on energy projects. They met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi on July 10, 2015

BP and Partners to Invest $12 bln in Egypt Gas Deal

British oil company BP expects to invest around $12 billion with its partners as part of a finalized West Nile Delta concession deal to develop 5 trillion cubic feet of gas resources and 55 million barrels of condensates.

Brunei Oil and Gas Market 2025 Forecasts

Brunei oil and gas market 2025 forecasts

Burkina Faso Women Entrepreneurs Eke a Living from Shea Butter

Women entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso are making a living from processing shea nuts. Global appetite for shea butter especially in cosmetic industries is growing hence bolstering demand of the commodity.

Business Arabia - Morocco Invests in Solar Technology

Solar energy looks set to have a lucrative future in Morocco, and German company AE Photonics wants to be part of it. In 2010 it founded a subsidiary there. CEO Ali Sedki sells solar-powered pumps to Moroccan farmers.

Buy Africa Previews Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Should you be investing in mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Resident expert Tshepo Modiba is joined by Afriwise.
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