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United StatesMissouri Agribusiness Association:

Belgium Royal Union of Belgian Florists

Finland Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners

Tanzania Agricultural Council

Portugal Association of Friesian Breeders

Philippines Crop Science Society

Morocco National Federation of Milling

Chile Fruit Exporters Association

South Africa Canning Fruit Producers Association

Norway Fishing Vessels Owners Association

Colombia Association of Sugarcane Growers

New Zealand Summerfruit

Australia Private Forest Tasmania

Austria Wood Industries Association

South African Deep Sea Angling Association

Japan Poultry Association

Sweden Fishermen's Association

South Africa Dried Fruit Technical Services

Brazil Rural Producers Cooperative

South Africa Ostrich Business Chamber

Australia Rural Business Support

Argentina Pork Producers Association

China Fisheries Association

South Africa National Agricultural Marketing Council

Panama Cotton Power Looms Association

Canada Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association

China National Association of Grain Sector

United StatesCouncil Agricultural of Arkansas

United StatesWashington State Agribusiness Council

Malaysia Agricultural Producers Association

Israel Association of Field Crop Farmers

Japan Chicken Association

Brazil Association of Seed Producers and seedlings of the State of Santa Catarina

Portugal Association dos Jovens Agricultores

Austria Farm Products Market Organisation

Canada Wine Council of Ontario

Israel Farmers Association

Chile National Association of Seed Producers

Israel Honey Production and Marketing Board

Nepal Floriculture Association

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