Export & Inward Investment Agencies

National promotion agencies play an important role in assisting those looking to export or determining an inward investment strategy. SupplyFinder has a listing by country.

Export Credit Agencies

Export credit agency or investment agency is a governmental or private institution that acts between governments and exporters to issue export financing. SupplyFinder has a listing by agency.

Trade Finance

Financing for trade covers both domestic and international transactions. Banks, intermediaries and financial institutions facilitate these by financing through negotiation between the parties.


Licensed lawyers advise, advocate or represent a client’s interest. Services include advising clients as to their legal rights and obligations, bringing knowledge of the business environment in one or more jurisdictions.


Insurance brokers bring knowledge of the insurance market, liaising between clients and insurance companies to find the best policy for insurance cover.


Logistics facilitate the flow of goods or services in the Supply Chain. Functions include information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, security including compliance and customs procedures.