SupplyFinder is a free access digital platform operating in 224 countries

  • Supports SMEs by connecting to emerging and developed markets
  • Accessing opportunities and support to grow your business
  • Providing a range of services including practical market entry solutions

Opportunity for growth

Companies that wish to grow beyond local borders can locate opportunities that they would not have access otherwise, find business partners in the trade – and sector ecosystems in 224 countries, identify events where they can offer or find services, search a global company directory and find in-country trade associations or gain market insights by relevant articles, speeches and publications.

Trade Ecosystem

SupplyFinder’s Trade Ecosystem provides a unique opportunity to join an exclusive network of Service providers, limited by number by country, which are reliable, trust-worth with updated information. This presents an excellent marketing opportunity for providers to introduce and promote their services globally. Select a category that includes Trade Finance, Investors, Insurance, Legal, Transport and Logistics which enable in-country expertise.

Sector Ecosystem

SupplyFinder’s Sector Ecosystem covers 24 sectors and enables promoting companies to be identified as a potential quality supplier of goods and services, forging new connections across developed and emerging markets. Book your advertising banner to be identified first. As the number of companies represented in each sector are limited, you will have the unique opportunity to make business with companies from across 224 countries globally.


Enables organisations to make connections to publicise requirements globally. For a small monthly fee, you can place an advertising banner with a description. This will be promoted globally so you will be located first when companies seeking for products and services, such as locating in-country representation, local content partners, buyer, seller, distributor.

Advisory services

SupplyFinder, with its team of premium support, offers a range of targeted services to assist organisations globally to enter new markets or deepen existing. Market entry, Bid writing or assistance in ensuring appropriate Local Content levels and Technical services are available to achieve corporate objectives

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